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Automate your conversations

Choosify comes with a powerful, intuitive code-free flow builder. This works like building bricks for conversations.

Automate part of your conversations and interact only when a conversation becomes too specific. This saves time for both you and the customer.

Unlike other live chat solutions, Choosify's flow builder is not an add-on, but core functionality that is included in the Free Tier.

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Answer with Slack

You don't need another messenger app. Take full control of conversations directly via Slack.

An advantage of using Slack is that you can answer from multiple devices, share conversations with others, and configure notifications as you like.

Connect your team

Studies find that it can be very useful for non-support team members, such as developers, to handle customer support from time to time. This may help to increase domain knowledge and understand and prioritize issues.

For customers, it is also great to get hands-on support and see quick improvements.

Free Tier

Choosify offers a Free Tier that includes 1,000 monthly messages.

Instead of charging for each team member, Choosify offers affordable pricing based on your monthly number of messages.

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